• Imperial And Bosphorus

Imperial and Bosphorus
  • Duration: 4
  • Location: İstanbul
  • Age: 0-99
  • Capacity: 2-15

Full-Day Imperial and Bosphorus Tour

Start your day with a hearty breakfast as you'll need energy for a full day tour of Istanbul's imperial treasures and the beautiful Bosphorus.


9:00 AM - Hagia Sophia Begin your day at the iconic Hagia Sophia, a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture. Its grand dome and intricate mosaics will leave you in awe.
10:30 AM - Blue Mosque Next, visit the Blue Mosque, an architectural marvel known for its six minarets and beautiful blue Iznik tiles.
11:30 AM - Hippodrome Just a short walk away is the ancient Hippodrome, where chariot races were held in the Byzantine era.
12:30 PM - Lunch Take a lunch break at a local restaurant and savor some delicious Turkish cuisine.
1:30 PM - Topkapi Palace After lunch, explore the opulent Topkapi Palace, home to Ottoman sultans and their vast treasures.
3:30 PM - Spice Bazaar Visit the vibrant Spice Bazaar, where you can buy Turkish delights, tea, spices, and souvenirs.
4:30 PM - Bosphorus Cruise End the day with a relaxing cruise on the Bosphorus. Enjoy the view of palaces, fortresses, and wooden villas from the water.
6:30 PM - End of Tour Return to your hotel or continue exploring the city at your leisure.
Please note, this itinerary is a suggestion and can be adjusted to fit your needs and interests.

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