• 3 Days istanbul Tour

3 Days istanbul Tour
  • Duration: 3 Days

Day 1: Historical Sites and Grand Bazaar

Morning: Start your day with the glorious Hagia Sophia, a Byzantine marvel and one of the most iconic landmarks of Istanbul. Then, head to the Blue Mosque, renowned for its beautiful blue Iznik tiles.

Afternoon: After lunch, visit the Topkapi Palace, the residence of Ottoman Sultans for over 400 years. Don't forget to check out the Harem section and the treasury. Then, walk to the Basilica Cistern, the largest ancient cistern that lies beneath the city.

Evening: End your day with a visit to the Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest covered markets in the world. Shop for carpets, jewelry, ceramics, spices, and more.

Day 2: Across the Bosphorus to Asia

Morning: Take a cruise on the Bosphorus to see the city from a different perspective. Enjoy the beautiful view of palaces, fortresses, and wooden villas.

Afternoon: Disembark on the Asian side at Kadikoy. Visit the food market and then walk around Moda, a neighborhood known for its trendy cafes and boutiques.

Evening: Enjoy a traditional Turkish dinner before heading back to the European side.

Day 3: Modern Istanbul and Farewell

Morning: Visit the Istanbul Modern, a museum of contemporary Turkish art. Then, stroll around the trendy neighborhood of Karakoy and have lunch there.

Afternoon: Take a walk along Istiklal Avenue in the heart of the city, home to shops, cafes, and historical sites like the Galata Tower.

Evening: Savor your last night in Istanbul with a traditional Turkish meze dinner accompanied by live music.

This tour offers a balanced mix of Istanbul's rich history and vibrant contemporary culture, ensuring you experience the best of both worlds.

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